Dec 14, 2013

Cheesiest Uncut Cowboy In West Texas

Palm Drive Video - The Cheesiest Uncut Cowboy In West Texas




"I been savin' this head-cheese for 2 months," BEAR-BEARDED Brody brags, braggin' like all West Texans brag. More like a week is the true age of his TWO-SCOOP FORESKIN CHEESE! Everything on this HUGE-BASKETED COWBOY is B-I-G AS TEXASS ITSELF! What a throaty DRAWL! Some dudes stop traffic! MASSIVELY THICK UNCUT TEXAS BULLMEAT BRODY STOPS CATTLE DRIVES! One BRIE-SISSY, who probably mounts his ga-ga-Gay Gym Naughty-Lust Muscle Machine sidesaddle, when "sneak pre-viewing" this video, ran for a barfbag at the sight of TEXAS CHEESE CREAMING OUT FROM BRODY'S BIG, TIGHT FORESKIN LIPS! (Now that's a real endorsement!) HOT DRAWLIN' VERBAL CUM-N-GET-IT TALK! GREASY, MANSIZE DICK/SADDLE ACTION. Plus delicious CIGAR-COCK J/O DADDY-&SON solo sequence as Brody CUMS to Jack Husky's Nasty Blond Carpenter JO video!

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