June 19, 2014

COLT - Cowboy Coutry




Hang on to your hats, cowpunchers; the cowpokes of Colt Studio are here! The newest film from Buckshot Productions, Colt’s "Cowboy Country" brings you all of Colt’s leather-bound ranch hands together for the first time! Colt men know how rewarding a good roll in the hay can be at the end of a long day working the north 40, and now you can experience the hottest studs ever to sport a Stetson on this 2-hour long collection. Colt’s "Cowboy Country" offers up classic linemen like Mike Davis and Ward Austin along with current Colt superstar Franco Corelli in some of the best boots and chaps sequences ever to flash across the silver screen! So saddle up boys, the Colt Studio cowboys are a comin' to town!

Running Time: 92 minutes
Released: 08/2001
Studio Name: COLT Studio Group
Director: Rip Colt
Stars: Franco Corelli, Ed Horst, Fred Slinger, Bob Duffy, Mike Davis, Ward Austin, Terry Bunz, Gunther Keller, Lil' Shadow


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