July 20, 2015

BiCoastal Videos - Jail Sex


Tito, a muscled Latin cop and his fellow assistant, Lee West, find illegally parked truck in a fire zone at the local pool hall. When questioned if the truck belongs to him, our cops find a punk on their hands. They lose no time in making him admit to many things besides owning the parked truck outside. Pool table sex and then the punk, played by Matt Schmidt, is handcuffed and taken to the local jailhouse where he is played around with and plenty of oral, tit, and butt action!
Stars: Matt Schmidt, Lee West, Tito Rodriguez


Anonymous said...

Please check the link on this video, it's pointing to 'Sex on pooltable'

uplo4der said...

"GMV - Pooltable Cops" is the same movie as "BiCoastal Videos - Jail Sex".