August 29, 2017

Hot House Video - Communion | FULL MOVIE


From award-winning director Steven Scarborough, creator of The Abduction Series, Skuff Trilogy, The Missing, and Black-N-Blue, comes Communion, a new chapter in leather. Scarborough is at the top of his filmmaking game here, with six chapters of devilish inspiration sure to break you free from the bondage of pedestrian thinking! Commence the rites of Communion with thirteen members of the Hot House Brethren, including Alex Collack, Francesco D'Macho, and Vinnie D'Angelo. They compel you to dress in the vestments of leather, and to comply with the sacred rituals ordained within. This Director's Cut two-disc set features a shocking hardcore bonus scene, initiating Josh Weston in a life-changing ritual of manhood, never before seen in his expansive career. Legendary New York DJ Little Rock also spins magic in the air with sexy beats and incantations. Reach out your hands and join in the circle of orgasmic communion. In this Director's Cut bonus scene, the insatiable threesome from scene five return, this time ready to take superstar Josh Weston to new levels of pleasure. For the first time ever on film, Weston opens his hole to the probing fists of his co-stars. Collack begins by working Weston's hole with his fingers, working his way up to his wrist. Weston's cries of ecstasy grow as Collack pushes his forearm deeper into his hole. Collack offers Weston his hand to bite as the emotions and sensations of being fisted surge through Weston's body. Collack pries Weston's hole open so Weston himself can shove his hand inside. What follows is an unbelievable rite of manhood. North once again proves he is the greediest hole in the business as he stands over Collack and Weston, lowering himself onto their fists. At first the two men take turns until North reaches down and entwines both arms together. North's hole opens and takes both hands in at once. Finally Weston returns to his place between the men, riding a dildo as all three men shoot their loads. Cast: Francesco D'Macho, Alex Collack, Vinnie D'Angelo, C.J. Knight, Jason Ridge, Josh Weston, Kent North, Marko Hansom, Matt Cole, Max Schutler, Nickolay Petrov, Steve Cruz, Tony Mecelli

August 28, 2017

FALCON - Code Of Conduct: Stripped | FULL MOVIE


Honoring the Code of Conduct, a tale of domination and submission in the military. Follow super-hot Dean Spencer as he is locked up in solitary confinement, awaiting his dishonorable discharge. Stripped and shaved, he is made to learn an entirely new way of life by Master Sergeant Jake Andrews. Also starring Falcon Exclusives Jeff Palmer and Tom Chase, the adventure begins!

Gay Workmen - Working on the Railroad


The boys are run down by the railroad workers for a timeout from all that nasty work.

August 27, 2017

CHP California Highway Cop Jerking in Uniform


Weekend watching xtube and got me excited and horny. Got so hard that I could not leave the temptation of not cumming.

August 26, 2017

Cop Daddy Mugs fucks Angel raw


Smoking daddy cop fucks Angel raw

August 24, 2017

Stair Bating Hairy Leather Bear Solo


Super horny , jacked off on the staircase , alone at home, so can be verbal and trying different locations, hope you enjoy, love your hot comments.

August 23, 2017

Two Horny CHP Cops w/ Rob Jones


Rob Jones and Mike as horny CHP officers in the bar

August 22, 2017

Suck My Dick, Officer !


CHP cop gets fucked at police station. Scene from NEXTDOOR STUDIOS - Parole Distractions

August 21, 2017

DOG ROCCO - Hot Bear Worker from xTube


August 20, 2017

MACK Studio - Garage A Bites | FULL MOVIE


These blue collar men are hot and love to get off.
Watch these 5 hot-sweaty scenes staring smooth and hairy muscle men with big Euro cocks.

August 18, 2017

Big Blue Productions - Muscle Penitentiary | FULL MOVIE


With each successive production, director Blue Blake seems to improve -- and he started off pretty great to begin with, so that's saying something. In this production, we find ourselves once again behind bars, a familiar milieu to anyone who is a fan of gay porn. Although the setting is familiar, Blake does his own take on the theme, which involves his specialty, well-hung muscle studs. The aspect of this production that is most striking, as opposed to Blake's earlier work, is that there is a greater feeling of fluidity. In his earlier work, Blake's direction seemed almost too tightly controlled. In "Muscle Penitentiary," however, the performers seem to be more liberated -- they talk more, they move more, and they seem to fuck and suck with greater abandon, and Blake's camera and editing do their job very well, which is to capture the action without being noticed. These are all good things, of course. Blake also makes the most out of a very few cast members, while most major productions these days seem to have casts of thousands. But Blake needs only seven to get the job done. Think about it: four scenes, seven studs -- and one of the scenes involves a three-way. The standout in the cast, without doubt, is Jim Slade, who also deservedly got top billing. Jim stars in two scenes, one with slab-o-beef Jake Gianelli, the other with mega-hung Chad Hunt and stud Carlo Cox, and in both he is a total bottom. Each time he steals the scene, with a combination of energy, abandon, and fiery onscreen heat. In the scene with Jake, Jim's orange prison coveralls seem to be especially tailored to his round, ripe ass, and when he leans over Jake, who plays a guard, understandably gets a major hardon. Jake's thick prong is too delicious a temptation for Jim, and he slobbers on it before the two even get undressed. When the clothes come off, both studs have major erections, and they kiss hotly while their swords play below. Then, Blake manages to show off each hunk's asshole, and it's impossible to decide which is more inviting -- both are hairless, tight, and nestled deep in ripe, succulent muscle butts. Of course it is Jim who gets fucked, after Jake warms him up by alternating between fingering his hole and sucking his cock. The camerawork does an excellent job of showing all the action, both close-up and from further away, as Jake's gives it to Jim face-to-face and then doggy. The scene ends with Jim spewing a major load, then Jake pulling out and blasting cum all over Jim's asscheeks, which he spreads apart to let the muscle hunk's load drip down. Ben Campezi also performs in two scenes, and his first is set in the prison showers with studly Jason Hawke. Ben is handsome, with dark eyebrows and lashes, and his body is very buff. Jason watches as Ben soaps himself thoroughly, and then gets naked and joins Ben. Jason spreads Ben's bubble-butt and uses his tongue-piercing to tickle Ben's tight butthole, and then he spears it doggy on the concrete shower floor. In the end, Ben coats his lower belly with jizz as Jason is still fucking him, then Jason pulls out and lets loose a volley of cum that soars over Ben's torso. The next scene brings Jim back, and this time he's forced to play bottom to two very hung and horny guards, Chad Hunt and Carlo Cox (in this prison, being well hung is apparently a job requirement). It is in this scene, even more than the first, that Jim is in prime form, as he greedily and hungrily uses his mouth and ass to service the studs. Jim is very vocal, especially when he's getting fucked, and when Chad's massive piece of meat first pierces him, he practically sings. By the end of the scene, though, he's not only taking it easily, he's begging for it, swallowing Chad's cock up his butt like it's nothing at all. Even Chad looks kind of amazed, because not many bottoms, even the most avid, could manage the same feat. Chad and Cox are also both excellent in the scene, particularly when they tag-team ream Jim's ass, but they can't compete with Jim's power bottom act. Jim manages to take both Cox and Jim's dicks in his ass at once, which is also unbelievable. The finale pairs hottie Ben Campezi with bald, gorgeous, square-jawed Tony Valentino (think a young Yul Brynner, only better), who, despite his Italian-sounding name, has a British accent. Tony is gifted with a thick, uncut, long and beautiful dick, and Ben can't wait to get his mouth around it. Tony is also quite good at trash-talking ("That's my hole! Say it!" he yells at one point), which is a great addition to the scene. He bangs the hell out of Ben's ass, then towers over him (he seems very tall, anyway) and blows a splattering load of spunk, which spews like lava down Ben's torso and crotch. Even as good as the performers are in the final scene, you can't help but wish that there was another with Jim. Blue Blake definitely has another winner here, but this is, without a doubt, Jim Slade's movie. A Video Review by Martin Cox