September 30, 2017

Horny and Dirty Farm Workers Sex on a Car


September 29, 2017

Where The Bears Are - Season 6 - Episode 9 [HD]


Winters dons roller skates while Martinez and Coley pose as overprotective gay parents in order to carry out a sting operation in a public park hoping to catch Law & Order: Male Rape Unit writer Alan Kravitz in a recorded confession admitting he set up Nelson for the murder of Toby Marsden. Captain Coley: Tim Hooper. Winters: Chad Sanders. Martinez: George Unda. Alan Kravitz: Deon Sams. Ramon Santiago: Mario Diaz. Hot Shirtless Jogger: Austin Watie.

September 28, 2017

Pito Savage & OVi Rusty G - Dream Catcher


Muscular man Pito Savage and haiy bear OVi Rusty G wild sex in bed - interracial

September 27, 2017

East German border Guard uniform Solo


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September 25, 2017

Where The Bears Are - Season 6 - Episode 8 [HD]


While on a romantic dinner date with Prince Omar at his rented Hollywood mansion, Reggie (Rick Copp) attempts to keep him distracted with a performance by a troupe of gay belly dancers while Nelson, Wood and Todd search for clues that will connect Omar’s bodyguard Rami (Serdar Kalsin) to the Toby Marsden murder. Todd: Ian Parks. Wood: Joe Dietl. Nelson: Ben Zook. George: George Sebastian. Prince Omar: Chris Yonan. Austin Walker: Chuck Saculla. Body by Chuck: Chuck Villano.

September 24, 2017

DICK BOOTS DEVOTION - Suck That Dick in Leather


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Cigar Smoking Police Officer and a Soldier


Hot cop and soldier have wild sex in uniforms

September 21, 2017

Where The Bears Are - Season 6 - Episode 7 [HD]


When a tough as nails prosecutor (Sally Brooks) argues that bail be denied at his hearing, Nelson (Ben Zook) has to rely on his incompetent attorney to fight for his freedom, who also happens to be Wood’s anxiety-ridden cousin. Meanwhile, Detectives Winters & Martinez send their new employee Coley (Tim Hooper) out on a special undercover assignment in order to catch a purse snatcher. Reggie: Rick Copp. Todd: Ian Parks. Wood: Joe Dietl. Winters: Chad Sanders. Martinez: George Unda. Doris: Rita Taggart. Melvin Burns: Keeshan Giles. Judge McBride: Randall Standridge. Bailiff: Peter Becker.

September 18, 2017

Where The Bears Are - Season 6 - Episode 6 [HD]


After the police arrest Nelson (Ben Zook) for the murder of Toby Marsden, the Bears race to find a lawyer to represent him before the arraignment. Meanwhile, Detectives Winters and Martinez interview candidates for their newly opened private detective agency. Reggie: Rick Copp. Winters: Chad Sanders. Martinez: George Unda. Coley: Tim Hooper. Todd: Ian Parks. Wood: Joe Dietl. Mickey Swift: Adam Ridge. Doris: Rita Taggart. Cissy French: Sally Brooks. Melvin Burns: Keeshan Giles. Bailiff: Peter Becker. Murder Time Cameraman: Matt Lynn. Murder Time Soundman: Dave Rossi. Police Officer: Kevin W. Thornton.

MBP - The Initiation And Seeding Of A Muscle Boy Hole


A hot muscled boy has been begging Daddy Will to use him and for Daddy to give him his first ever breeding. This boy is eager and even over video you can taste the boy's need for a Daddy, his Daddy's approval and his Daddy's cum. Daddy Will grant's his wish... The boy has to earn the privilege of looking at Daddy Will. A leather hood is cinched on leaving only the boy's mouth exposed. Daddy will put it to good use just like he will use the boy's tight untapped pink hole. The boy gets manhandled, his chest, ass and balls slapped around, and the hole in the hood face fucked with leather gloved hand and thick Daddy cock. Daddy Will is a tough man to please. He and his cock are hard to keep satisfied. Once Daddy has had his fun teasing and playing with the boy, he puts the boy face down on the bed and plows the boy's busted cherry full of Daddy's seed. Daddy Will teases his cum load from the boy's hole with his leather gloved finger. Then he feeds it to the boy. The boy laps up like a desperately hungry puppy. He's had his first taste of Daddy seed in his boy hole and he can't get enough. Daddy Will picks him up in his muscular arms letting the boy know how proud his Daddy is.

September 17, 2017

CHP Bear Officer Mike Solo in Uniform


Bear Police Officer Mike shows his muscles in uniform

September 16, 2017

Beefy Hairy CHP Cop and Bear


Policeman in uniform at work and his friend at launch

September 15, 2017

Where The Bears Are - Season 6 - Episode 5 [HD]


While shooting a climactic scene for his TV show Law & Order: Male Rape Unit, Nelson (Ben Zook) accidentally shoots his co-star Toby Marsden (Lou DiMaggio) with a prop gun loaded with real bullets. Meanwhile, Detectives Winters and Martinez target a country singing kleptomaniac in order to retrieve a stolen guitar for a client. Winters: Chad Sanders. Martinez: George Unda. Reggie: Rick Copp. Travis Lockhart: Brian Scott. Prince Omar: Chris Yonan. Rami: Serdar Kelsin. Scott Hubbard: Dan Wachtel. Kenny: Shane Yoon. Len: Sean Nagel. Alan Jones: Deon Sams. Cody: Bobby Baldanza. Cowboys & shooting scene.

September 13, 2017

Sucking SIR's Big Black Cock


Older bear is sucking a big black cock in leather while smoking cigar