June 14, 2018

Academy Men - Top Cops (Episode One) | FULL MOVIE


AcademyMen - Tops Cops 1 is the 1st of 3 titles involving a two-man team that deals with cases that are outside the law. A teenager has been killed in a drive-by shooting on the streets of New York City by a military handgun. It appears to be that a lot of military weapons have been showing up in the hands of small-time criminals recently. And a New York City Police Sergeant desires to know why. But that guy needs aid, so this guy resorts to kidnapping an ex-special (Rigger) and subjects him to some unusual persuasive techniques to convince him to assist. Once this guy does, they relentlessly chase these dealing in the illegal weapons. Lots of location shooting including a mini-race car follow. Bondage and gear includes: A rotating hospital restraint couch, duct tape gagging, underwater breath control, the Vac-Rac, upside down interrogation, chair bondage, general intimidation.


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