June 26, 2018

Academy Men - Top Cops 2 Rage | FULL MOVIE


The Top Cops team of Sarge (a streetwise cop) and Rigger (former Army ranger) are back. Deputy Hunter (last seen in the Manhunters) decides to join the team, uninvited. He attempts to prove himself by kidnapping a victim and working him over. When Hunter's attempts fail he gets even more aggressive leading to a power struggle with Rigger and Sarge. First Hunter waylays Rigger and ties him into the rotating bed that Sarge keeps for interrogation purposes. Then Hunter abducts Sarge, duct tapes him into a chair and tries drugging him, but Rigger gets loose and comes to the rescue. Then he and Sarge get some revenge on Hunter. Between them, Sarge and Rigger introduce Hunter to the metal bondage chair and explain things. Outtakes and bonus scenes NOT included.
More info on: http://www.stationhousevideos.com/catalog_pages/top_cops_two_rage.htm


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