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Showing posts with label MBP. Show all posts

Jan 12, 2018

MBP - Three Muscle Bears in a Bed [HD]


bears breed three times - three fucks. Muscle Bear porn

video is inside this post ► OPEN ◄

Nov 18, 2017

MBP - Muscle Bear Jerks Off in Gloves


Cocky Daddy Gloved and Loaded from MBP.

Oct 27, 2017

MBP - Muscle Romance (Bear Cowboys)


Muscle bear fucks his son in barn on a farm

Sep 18, 2017

MBP - The Initiation And Seeding Of A Muscle Boy Hole


A hot muscled boy has been begging Daddy Will to use him and for Daddy to give him his first ever breeding. This boy is eager and even over video you can taste the boy's need for a Daddy, his Daddy's approval and his Daddy's cum. Daddy Will grant's his wish... The boy has to earn the privilege of looking at Daddy Will. A leather hood is cinched on leaving only the boy's mouth exposed. Daddy will put it to good use just like he will use the boy's tight untapped pink hole. The boy gets manhandled, his chest, ass and balls slapped around, and the hole in the hood face fucked with leather gloved hand and thick Daddy cock. Daddy Will is a tough man to please. He and his cock are hard to keep satisfied. Once Daddy has had his fun teasing and playing with the boy, he puts the boy face down on the bed and plows the boy's busted cherry full of Daddy's seed. Daddy Will teases his cum load from the boy's hole with his leather gloved finger. Then he feeds it to the boy. The boy laps up like a desperately hungry puppy. He's had his first taste of Daddy seed in his boy hole and he can't get enough. Daddy Will picks him up in his muscular arms letting the boy know how proud his Daddy is.

Aug 12, 2017

MBP - Rough Fuck in the Basement


Two hot bears and their slave Eisen Loch

Jul 24, 2017

MBP - Dominant Officer Rob Jones PART 2


(reupload) It was all too much for Ref and he pulled out and nutted all over Ryler.

MBP - Dominant Officer Rob Jones PART 1


(reupload) Then he lapped up all the cum. The two began to make out.

Jun 17, 2017

MBP - Daddy fucks his young boy raw


Big Hairy Daddy fucks his boy as fast as possible

May 26, 2017

MBP - Daddy trains his Man in Leather


Daddy trains his man to take raw cock hard

May 23, 2017

MBP - Muscle bears breed


Muscle bears breed - Bear Muscle Porn

Apr 7, 2017

MBP - Beaten & Bred In The Woodshed


Daddy Will has strung up loch in the woodshed as a disciplinary action. Daddy Will comes into the woodshed and fins loch still need adjustment to his attitude. This is a great rough session with domination, belt spanking / beating, verbal abuse, cbt, fuck and an internal cum shot.

Feb 19, 2017

MBP - Two Muscular Bears Outdoor Sex


muscle bear fucks his son on the porch

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